Ransomware Risk Assessment

Are your endpoints vulnerable?

Ransomware is constantly evolving to get past defenses. Find out how at risk your company is to the latest attacks by answering the question below.

What's in your security stack?

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Who is Barkly?

Barkly delivers the strongest protection with the fewest false positives.

Barkly's Endpoint Protection Platform™ uses Responsive Machine Learning™ to uniquely block exploits, fileless, and file-based attacks. Barkly delivers fast, lightweight endpoint protection, administered through an easy-to-use cloud service.

Barkly Features - Blocks attacks
Blocks exploits and fileless attacks
Barkly Features - Responsive Machine Learning
Responsive machine learning
Barkly Features - Behavior Analysis
Real-time behavior analysis
Barkly Features - Prevents Damage
Prevents damage